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Pop some popcorn and take a seat because you’ve stumbled upon the big kahuna. This is our bread and butter, the main services that we offer. It’s a comprehensive list of engineering capabilities that enable us to design and analyze every aspect of a product.


We’ve designed hundreds of products in a variety of categories for individuals, inventors, start-ups and large corporations.

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Our engineers have a unique artistic and creative eye that helps us design parts and assemblies in ways others may not imagine. We visualize the working elements that make up a product then create these elements using CAD tools. From this we produce a set of engineering 3D CAD models and 2D drawings that can be used by manufacturers worldwide.

circuitry and wiring


We provide schematics and electronic analysis as well as electronic enclosure designs. We have designed electronic circuitry and enclosures for devices used in home products, automobile, aircraft, spacecraft as well as consumer goods. We will design your electronic circuity devices that optimize the space requirements for any electronic packaging challenge.



Modern hardware is nothing without its digital counterpart: software. We’ll not only design the hardware, we’ll program the software that makes it tick. From complex, smart wearable devices to simple, programmable LED’s, we do it all. Our ability to see how the software integrates with and enhances the physical design makes for an efficient, hassle-free experience on the user’s end.

Disc Drive


One of our most popular services is our DFM service for both new or existing product designs. Products that are currently in use or new products that are ready to be marketed, must be designed with manufacturing costs in mind. In most cases, these products are designed to perform specific functions and may perform quite well, but the cost to product these products may drive a market price that is too high, making the product noncompetitive in the marketplace.

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DFA consist of a review of a current design, with an eye for features and elements of the design that can be improved in order to minimize or eliminate the touch labor. In some extreme cases, the design may be difficult to assemble regardless of the time involved. For example, bolt holes that are hard to line up to install the bolt. Much like DFM, DFA is essential to minimize the costs of a production assembly. We’ll analyze your new or existing product and optimize it for the assembly process.

stress test CAD


We use computer simulations to calculate the strength of a part. This process is known as Finite Element Analysis, or FEM. This analysis is used to revise the design or strengthen the design where necessary, or dictate a change of materials for that particular part. Performing this optional service on your product will lessen the chances it will fail due to heavy use.

engineering services


Products intended to be efficient in air must be analyzed for performance. Our aerodynamicist Richard Romanelli works out of our Milan, Italy office. He has extensive experience in optimizing designs using the CFD tool and has worked with successful European race teams to optimize race car performance. We can analyse any external airflow and help you optimize your design to the maximum desired characteristic which includes extensive experience in the design and analysis of ground and air vehicles whose performance depends on optimum airflow.


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