We all want to know before we shell out actual money whether our ideas will make us rich or save the planet. Or both. I rely on instincts rather than emotions to guide me though business decisions, while being conscious that most decisions are based on some level of emotional attachment. Every invention is emotionally charged in some way. Knowing this, decisions still must be made before investing in an invention. Every invention is an investment of both time and money.

Be a visionary. Plan your path.

I would always advise to remove one’s emotions before making an investment. Except when it comes to an invention. With an invention, making an emotional decision is the best decision to make. After all, you must believe in the idea more so than anyone around you. The complete dedication it will take to see your invention across the finish line will overwhelm you if you are not emotionally attached to the idea.

The path will be fraught with obstacles.

My best advice….You must have a vision and not just a dream of making your invention a success. What I mean by a vision is that you need to become an expert in knowing what each step of the process will take and envision how you will accomplish each step. A visionary will be able to choreograph each step to meet his ultimate end game. Conversely, a dreamer only sees the finish line and will encounter unexpected challenge after unexpected challenge, most likely resulting in giving up or failing.

If you have been reading my blog you will know to steer away from the invention submission companies as seen on TV. Hire a professional firm that will guide you through each step and help you make those decisions.